Top Spots to Watch your Teams Play!


Looking for a place to get the dudes or gals together to watch some college basketball? Or maybe somewhere to watch a few NFL games to help you keep track of your Fantasy Football stats? While there’s nothing wrong with having a good ol’ fashioned game-watching party at your house, it’s always fun to mix it up occasionally and take your shenanigans to a local sport’s bar for some cheap beer and good food. If you’re looking to pop in for an evening of college basketball or football games, here’s a few of our favorite locations!

J’s Sports Bar

If you’re going to make it your thing to get the gang together to hang out at sports bars, then you might as well become a regular somewhere that offers great deals. To celebrate the return of football season J’s offers $.79 wings every Monday and Thursday; $8 buckets every Monday and Tuesday; and ½ price appetizers on Tuesdays. 

Sportsman’s Grille and Billiards

Sportsman’s has long been one of the top hangouts for college students on the weekends, but it most certainly is not exclusive to college kids. With the best cheese balls in the tristate (yeah, I said it), Sportsman’s is a great place to get the gang together for a few games. Monday special: $2.50 Coors Light Bottles; Tuesday: $2.50 Bud Light Bottles; Wednesday: $4 Imports; Thursday: $2.50 Domestic Draft/$3 Blue Moon; Friday: $3.50 Fireball and $5 Rumpleminze; Saturday: $2.50 Miller Lite Bottles; and Sunday: $6 Busch Light Pitchers.

O’Brian’s Sports Bar & Grill

The best part of going somewhere with multiple televisions with different games playing on them, is that you don’t have to channel surf every two seconds. O’Brian’s Sports Bar & Grill has 22 screens to ensure you won’t miss a single game (you may just might need an extra pair of eyeballs).

Mojo’s BoneYard Sports Bar & Grille

Mojo’s Boneyard is delivering on the specials to celebrate NFL season and offers $.70 wings, $1.75 Bud, Bud Light, and Busch Light bottles every Sunday. If you’re a bit of a foodie and appreciate local, original foods in addition to a sport’s night, then you’ll probably be wanting to add Mojo’s to your bar rotation.

Doc’s Sports Bar

With affordable foods/drinks and 16 televisions, Doc’s is able to stream nearly every live game broadcast you could want to see. Keep an eye on their Facebook page to track their food and drink specials!

Bud’s Rockin’ Country Bar & Grill

This new(ish) bar on Franklin Street is the only country-themed bar in the area that gives major Nashville vibes. It also happens to a great place for some beer nachos and a few cold ones on game night as well. Monday’s special: $1.50 Domestic Long Necks; Tuesday: $2.00 Domestic Fishbowls; Wednesday: $3.00 Buffalo Trace; Thursday: $10.00 Busch Light Buckets; Thursday-Sunday: 18oz. Busch Light Fishbowls

Mister B’s

Another new location in the Evansville area, Mister B’s has taken residence on Burkhardt Road– which means you no longer have to drive to Henderson to get your Mister B’s fix. Join them for game nights to enjoy some of the best wings and best deals in the area.