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The last 18 months have forced a lot of people to take a closer look at how they are living their lives. Now that the school year is well underway in Southwest Indiana, and as summer turns to fall, many people start thinking even more about the rhythm and cycles of their lives.  For many of us, as we watch young people start to learn new things and be excited by a change in routine, we ourselves start to wonder if there is any way to give our professional lives a little oomph.  A kick in the pants.  A jump start.  

Have you considered that a career in real estate with F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® might be the answer you are looking for? 

  • Are you currently a real estate agent working with another local brokerage but are looking for additional tools to help your business grow?
  • Have you been working in the same industry for the last 10-20 years and feel the need to learn something new? 
  • Are you a healthcare worker that is depleted and burnt out from dealing with the chaos of the pandemic? 
  • Are you a parent who has been staying home for several years to raise your family but you are ready to re-enter the workforce?
  • Do you just feel stuck in your current career?
  • Are you curious about what it would be like to be your own boss? 
  • Are you a recent college graduate looking for a career that optimizes your wide variety of newly learned skills?  
  • Are you a recent high school graduate who has realized that the traditional college route is not the right path for you?
Our Fast Track training program for new agents is the best way to jump start your career from day 1.

At F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®, we believe that selling real estate is first and foremost about relationships, and that starts with our relationship with all of our agents.  By supporting agents, our agents can establish quality lasting relationships with their clients.  Supported relationships mean recurring referrals that fuel your business so that you can keep your overhead expenses low by not spending money on expensive advertising.  

We have successful agents that have come to us from a very wide array of backgrounds.  For example…:

  • Health care workers make excellent agents with their well-honed bedside manner and ability to pivot when circumstances change
  • Teachers make excellent agents because of their ability to stay calm and juggle multiple people at once
  • If you have experience in retail or another sales field, selling real estate is a great next step for capitalizing on your ability to cultivate relationships with clients
  • Stay-at-home parents are used to the rigors of multi-tasking, a skill that is essential for a busy real estate agent
  • Professionals from the corporate world make great agents because of their attention to detail and ability to work independently
  • Experienced agents who have moved their license from another brokerage because they wanted the built-in training, support, and powerful technology that F.C.Tucker Emge offers
Agents come to us from many diverse backgrounds. There is always room for you at F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®

What field are you in?  What skills do you already possess that could easily translate to the real estate industry?  

No matter what your situation is, F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS® is here to help you transition to a career in real estate.  F.C.Tucker Emge believes that the education and training of agents throughout their careers is the best way for them to grow their business and find the best success in the industry.  This training starts at our Virtual Career Sessions.   Did you know that almost every month, we offer a virtual career session to anyone and everyone who is curious about what a career in real estate looks like?  During these sessions we cover EVERYTHING: 

  • The how, what, where, when, of getting your state license, including our recommendation on which course to take and how to prepare for the state exam
  • The F.C. Tucker Emge Brand and how we help you establish YOUR own brand
  • The wide array of high-value and unique marketing tools that F.C. Tucker Emge has available for their agents
  • Superior training for new agents
  • Professional support from a dedicated team of managers
  • Continued updated training and education for established agents
  • Technology tools that surpass other brokers in the area (FCTUCKEREMGE.COM)
  • Materials you will want and need to get started after you get your license
  • What kind of financial investment you can expect to get your business started
  • How F.C. Tucker Emge fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and creativity to ensure the success of all of our agents

Our next Real Estate Career Session will be held virtually on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, at 12:00 noon, CDT.  You can register here and we will send you a confirmation email followed by a private zoom link.  If you can’t make it to the session but are interested in learning more, contact us today to set up a private conversation.  The time is now to start your career with F.C. Tucker Emge REALTORS.  Let’s Talk!

Our leaders and managers support you and celebrate your successes.