Curb Appeal…First Impressions are Key!

Reading Time: 2 minutes

They say you can only make one “first impression” and people usually form their first impression within 30 seconds. What potential buyers see when they drive up to your house will make a lasting impression.

What you can do to spruce up your curb appeal with minimal cost:

  • Replace the house numbers next to the door with much larger black numbers to add drama.
  • Relocate your trash bin to the back, sweep all the leaves in the yard and on the driveway, and trim trees.
  • Paint steps, railing and/or door.
  • Install a brass kick door to give the entry a more elegant look.
  • For color, place a large clay pot, planted with a small green fir and flowers, on each side of the front door.
  • Plant bushes under the front windows, but keep their height well below the bottom ledge. For a more finished look, add ground cover, such as red cedar bark under the bushes.
  • Drastically trim back large bushes so that they are not covering the front windows. On the sides of the house, bushes should be no higher than the start of the roof.
  • Add window boxes under the two front windows. They should extend the full length of the windows but not reach under the shutters. In season, fill the boxes with ivy, green plants, and red flowers.
  • Cut down the barren tree in the front yard and replace it with grass. Fertilize the entire yard to make the grass greener, and trim all lawn edges.