10 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The Halloween weekend is fast approaching, and if you’re like many of us, you might find yourself scrambling for a last-minute costume. Fear not, because we’ve got your back with these 10 creative and simple DIY Halloween costume ideas that won’t cost you a fortune or hours of preparation. Let’s jump right into these fantastic costume concepts to ensure you’re the life of the Halloween party.

Tourist in Paradise:

  • Materials: Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, sunglasses, camera, and a map.
  • How to: Get into your tourist gear, wear the straw hat and sunglasses, carry a camera and a map, and don’t forget to draw on some sunscreen on your nose!

When Life Gives You Lemons:

  • Materials: Yellow shirt, lemons,  and a basket—preferably a wicker one. 
  • How to: Fill a basket with some fresh lemons. Put on a bright yellow shirt and a name tag. Write “LIFE” on the name tag. Go around the party or neighborhood and hand out lemons from your basket! This quirky costume is sure to be a hit.

Identity Thief:

  • Materials: A pack of “Hello, My Name Is” stickers, a black beanie, and a black mask.
  • How to: Stick multiple “Hello, My Name Is” stickers on your shirt. Wear a black beanie and mask to hide your true identity. Ask everyone at the party to write their names on your stickers, and you’ve just become an identity thief – literally!

Classic Ghost:

  • Materials: White sheet or pillowcase, scissors, and a marker.
  • How to: Cut out two eye holes in the sheet, trim the edges for a tattered look, and draw a spooky face with the marker. Drape it over yourself, and voilà, you’re a classic ghost!

Mummy Wrap:

  • Materials: White sheets or gauze, safety pins, and patience.
  • How to: Tear or cut the sheets into strips, then wrap them around your body and secure them with safety pins. Rub some black eyeshadow on your eyes to achieve more of the un-dead look. Leave a few ends hanging for that authentic mummy appearance.

Crazy Cat Lady:

  • Materials: Pajamas, stuffed animals (cats), and a robe.
  • How to: Don your pajamas, robe, and attach stuffed animals (cats) to your outfit, whether by pinning them or placing them in your robe’s pockets. Add some “crazy” makeup and put curlers in your hair. Now get ready to scare all the neighborhood kids away!


  • Materials: Old clothes, makeup (white face paint, black eyeliner), and fake blood (optional).
  • How to: Tear up your old clothes, apply white face paint with smudged eyeliner, and if you have fake blood, add it for extra gore. Mess up your hair and spray it with hairspray to get that classic disheveled look. You’re now a convincing zombie!


  • Materials: Bell-bottom pants, tie-dye shirt, headband, and peace sign accessories.
  • How to: Put on your hippie attire, complete with the tie-dye and peace sign accessories, and spread the love. Consider adding the words “PEACE” and “LOVE” to your cheeks with face paint for an added touch!

Nerd or Geek:

  • Materials: Suspenders, high-waisted pants or a skirt, oversized glasses, and tape for mending.
  • How to: Dress in your geeky outfit, secure your glasses, and use tape for mending your “broken” glasses. Don’t forget a pocket protector!


  • Materials: Apron, chef’s hat, oven mitts, and a rolling pin.
  • How to: Wear an apron, chef’s hat, and oven mitts, and carry a rolling pin. Put some flour in your hair and on your apron to make it look like you’ve been hard at work in the kitchen. You’re the spookiest baker in town! 

These 10 last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas are here to save the day. Whether you’re attending a costume party, going trick-or-treating, or just want to join in the Halloween festivities, these creative and easy-to-make costume options will guarantee a memorable and fun Halloween weekend. So, no need to fret over your costume; instead, have a blast assembling one of these imaginative outfits that are sure to impress and entertain. Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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