When is Renting the Best Option?

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Written by Kyle Bernhardt, Property Management Director

There are many people out there who will tell you renting is just “throwing money away”; however, for some it is truly the best option for their situation.

Many people today are in the need of a quality place to live that will allow them the flexibility of a lease and the ability to qualify with less than perfect credit.

The flexibility a lease offers is the ability to move quickly to another part of town, transfer due to employment, or increase/decrease the size of your home without the potential difficulties of selling your home. This flexibility is perfect for those who might be new to an area or just in need of a temporary arrangement while they are building the home of their dreams.

Recently, for some, home ownership has ended very negatively and has taken their credit down with it. The ability for those individuals to find quality, affordable housing is a necessity. Renting a home can allow for the fresh start they need in order to get their family’s lives and finances back on track.

Although, as a general rule, owning your home is a better investment than renting, renting a home will always remain a good option in certain circumstances.