Preparing For a Home Appraisal?  Be Sure To Address These 10 Things!

Reading Time: 5 minutes

As homeowners ourselves, we get it.  It’s not easy to keep your home show-ready 24-7…especially if you’re not the only one living there.  But once you do a deep clean, all you should need to do is some last-minute sprucing up, that is…as long as you don’t have any of these potential problems lurking around.

1. Unfinished Home Improvement Projects

If you’re preparing to put your home on the market, one of the last things you want to do is start any kind of renovation.  Incomplete projects will affect the appraisal amount and no one wants to inherit a remodeling job.  And once you start one job, you know another one will crop up.  If it’s something you MUST do before the appraisal, be sure you have the funds, materials, labor, and time to complete it.  With recent supply-chain issues, securing the materials you need may cause a delay.

2. Hobbies Without Their Own Space

Is your living room truly a living room or is it where you spend time knitting, working out, or working on your rock collection?  Although most people love HEARING about your hobbies and passions, SEEING them in every corner of your home is distracting.  Give your hobbies the respect they deserve by finding them their own home.  If you’ve been basket weaving in your living room because there’s no extra space, put your hobby on hold until after your move and keep your supplies out of sight.

3. Insufficient Storage Options

If you’re short on storage space, your home can easily become overwhelmed with clutter.  Without a proper place, these items can end up out in the open and detract from the amount of space your home truly offers.  Add organized shelving to closets and pantries for storage, but don’t fill these storage areas completely.  With adequate floor capacity, you can add tall furniture pieces that include storage and take advantage of unused vertical space.  If additional furniture will make your home feel cramped, consider renting a temporary storage unit for items you won’t necessarily need until you move to your new home.

4. Undefined Rooms

Just say no to “junk rooms!”  With the current popularity of working from home, re-defining that room as a home office is a great idea.  Other possibilities can include a workout room, a playroom, or a craft area.  If you currently have rooms without a clear purpose, take some time to discover how you might better utilize that particular space.  And what to do with that “junk?”  If it’s truly junk, then junk it.  If it’s something with which you can’t part, store it in an organized area elsewhere in the home or in a temporary storage unit.

5. Cluttered Corners

Do you have clutter stuffed in corners?  We know some of this clutter has a purpose, but for appraisal and resale purposes, it’s an eyesore and will hurt your value.  Go through these areas of your home and purge anything you no longer need.  In addition to making your space look tidier, it will be easier when it comes time to move.  After all, you don’t know whatcha got…until you have to move it all!!

6. Items On The Floor

When is the last time you saw your floor?  Do you remember if you have carpet or hardwood?  With a lot of floor space, it’s easy to keep adding furniture to fill it.  Even the most spacious homes can feel cramped when this happens.  Appraisers and prospective buyers want to see how much space your home has to offer, so give them what they want.

7. Pets

We definitely love Champ & Whiskers, but let’s face it…they can be messy.  In addition to finding a spot for your pets during the appraisal and showings, make sure the yard is clear of any “landmines” and store anything pet related in the garage.  This includes items like food, bowls, litter boxes, and toys.

8. Broken Furniture Or Appliances

If it’s broken, fix it or forget it.  In other words, fix it if it still works with your space.  If there’s a good chance it won’t make it to your next home, it needs to go.  Outdated or broken appliances can also significantly decrease an appraisal, so if you are thinking of upgrading, it’s best to do this ahead of time.  Then talk to your real estate agent about factoring new appliances into the price of your home.

9. Dust and Dirt

If you can write the word, “appraisal” on your coffee table, your appraiser and potential buyers will certainly notice.  Fingerprinted windows and unwashed sinks or stovetops are equally unwelcoming.  As mentioned earlier, giving your home a deep clean in the beginning will help you get through the appraisal and showing process.  Consider hiring a professional cleaning service if available time is an issue and it falls within your budget.

10. Kids

Kids are great and can make a home feel cozy for an entire family, but they require a lot of stuff!  Make sure their toys, games, etc. are stored in specific kid-centric areas of the home.  Storage bins and toy boxes can help corral small items.  This might be a good time to sit down with your kids and explain the moving process.  Ask them to select five toys they love the most and put the rest in storage for the move.  Imagine their faces in the new home when they unwrap the boxes with their “old” toys.  It’ll feel like Christmas all over again!

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