Porch Lights Polish Your Home’s Appearance

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Written by Elaine Sollars, SaleAssociate, ABR, CRS, GRI

They light the way to our homes at night and beckon friends to come inside, but have you ever driven through a neighborhood and noticed the forgotten, often rusted, dirty and bug-filled porch lights? Brass that once shined and glistened in the sun now blackened and tarnished beyond recognition except by their shape or style is very unappealing to the potential buyer. We decorate our doors with beautiful wreaths and plant colorful flowers in pots beside our doors while our porch lights often hang neglected. Some porch lights are so tiny they almost disappear altogether! Think of porch lights as the “jewelry” for our homes. Though wreaths and planters are important to make your home aesthetically appealing, polished porch lights will distinguish your home from all others. It is your home’s personal signature and should be given special attention. So go ahead, light up your world!