One Small Tip to Make a Room Seem Larger

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Change the way your door swings and you can change the look and feel of your room. Here’s how.

Got space problems? Changing the way your door swings might help.

A 32-inch door typically eats up about 13 sq. ft. of floor space when it swings. Change the door swing and you can decide where to place that wasted space — on the left or right of your doorway, or on the inside or outside of the wall.

Here are some advantages of changing the swing:

Change the swing from inside to outside, and you can reclaim the entire 13 sq. ft. in a small room, which could let you have that sofa after all.

Change the swing from left to right (or vice versa) and you free up the wall space where the door would rest. Now you’ve got room for a desk, table, or dresser.

Remove the door and switch to a sliding or pocket door, and you have 13 sq. ft. to use any way you want.

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