Newburgh on the River

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Exploring various hamlets in Southern Indiana is an ideal way to spend a long morning or afternoon away from your usual haunts.  Especially with our current reality making us think twice about taking long extended trips away, sometimes just an afternoon field trip to a near-by town can offer the necessary change of scenery we need to re-charge our batteries.  

This week, we take a peek at Historic Newburgh.  

Set on the banks of the Ohio River in Warrick County, Newburgh is Evansville’s neighbor to the East.  It’s about an hour From Jasper, 45 minutes from Princeton, just over an hour from Vincennes, or 25 minutes from Rockport.

While at various times of years festivals and events decorate the downtown area, plenty of fun can be had in just a few hours in Newburgh on an ordinary day.  Newburgh offers a wide variety of activities that you can curate to your liking.  Make sure you bring your binoculars so you can spy on the many barges that pass by, or to check out the birds:  you might just find a bald eagle!

Newburgh Locks and Dam

If you arrive on a Friday or Saturday, between 11:00 AM-3:00 PM, A nice place to start is the Newburgh Museum, where you can get an overview of the history of the town and get your bearings to the rest of the sights.  

You could then take a long walk along the Rivertown Trail (2.5 miles from the Dam Park to the Trailhead near Frame Road) and top it off with a late  lunch at one of the eateries.

Or start with a cup or coffee and do some shopping:  anything from women’s boutiques to home furnishings, soaps, candy, and gifts. 

Stop at the library and do some light reading.

Take some family photos at a scenic spot.  In the evening, the river landscape offers up a beautiful sunset view on the western horizon

Photo courtesy of Lynn Renne

Take your children to play at a park and then pop in at the Pet Food Center to pet the cats and look at the small animals they keep in store.  Take home a toy or treat or your family pet!

Grab a beverage and relax at one of the lovely outdoor seating areas at the local eateries.

Write a letter or a postcard while sitting on a bench at the river and then drive over to the post office and pop it in the mail.

Get your hair or beard trimmed at one of the hair salons or barber shops.  

You might want to do a little planning before you show up, so consult these websites to learn more specifics on parking, restaurants, shops and more!

Other close by amenities:

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Deaconess Gateway Hospital

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