Jasper Connections

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Last week, we posted a reprise of information from the Jasper Chamber of Commerce.

This week, in addition to several of the events they announced last week, they added these fun yoga classes:

DC Multisport plans upcoming yoga events

On Saturday, August 29, 2020, participants will meet at Ferdinand State Forest for an outdoor retreat led by Fire Horse Yoga. The beginner-friendly yoga class starts in the serene meadows. Then, enjoy a hike around the lake as a field guide identifies wildflowers, plants, and animals along the way. The class concludes with a meditation by the water. Preregistration is required and available at Eventbrite.com.

The next event occurs on Sunday, September 6, 2020, at Market Street Park in Huntingburg. Downtown Fitness & Running will lead participants on what would have been the 2020 Heartland Half Marathon course. This event starts at 7:00 am ET. There will be options for shorter distances if people choose not to do 13.1miles.

At 9:45 am Erin Rauscher, Yes Power Yoga, will lead a yoga class specifically addressing runner’s recovery and mobility at the Market Street Park pavilion. Everyone at any level of fitness is welcome to walk, run, or come to only yoga.

For each event, participants are required to wear a mask at registration and may remove once they get to their spot. Spots will be spaced out. Participants should bring water, a towel, and a mat.There are no fees; however, donations are encouraged.

This event is sponsored by DC Multisport, an organization dedicated to building a vibrant, well-connected fitness community in Dubois County. DC Multisport is a welcoming, camaraderie-filled organization that fosters group training, race, education, and recreation opportunities among its members while giving back to the local communities. You need not be a competitive athlete to belong and participate; all faces and paces are welcome.

For more information, contact the Dubois County Visitors Center at (812) 482-9115 or email dcmultisport@gmail.com.

Want to  dive deeper into what the Chamber of Commerce does for the City of Jasper and why we are such fans?   

The Jasper Chamber of Commerce is a clearing house of information and resources for business and community members.  Their mission is guided by a desire to raise the standard of living for Jasper residents now and for years to come. Not only are they vested in helping to foster economic prosperity, but they also want to support a high quality of life while staying grounded in the founding principles of the first settlers.

The Jasper Chamber keeps track of a wide variety of community events and helps members to connect to each other.  Not only does this help the organization who is producing the event, but helps connect members of the community to local happenings that enrich their lives.  You never know when going to one new event might spark a new interest or connect you to new people or additional organizations. The effect is truly exponential.  

The Chamber also produces some of its own events to help propel local businesses to the next level.  From start-ups who are just dipping their toe into the local market, to more established corporations, the chamber offers resources to support relationships, growth, change, and interaction.  

It is easy to see why we at F. C. Tucker Emge REALTORS®, are cheerleaders for the Jasper Chamber. We believe in this city and in Dubois county and large.  Like the chamber, we value a community rich in cultural and economic vitality that will help nourish our relationships and keep clients happy and prosperous. Connecting with the chamber is a great way for everyone to get more actively involved in life in Dubois County.

This blog only scratches the surface of what the Jasper Chamber of Commerce does.  You can learn much more by visiting their website to discover the true scope and depth to all that they do for our locale.