Evansville Rental Property Registry

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In an effort to assist the Evansville Police Department in promptly contacting owners of rental property within the city limits, the Evansville City Council, the Police Department, and landlords and tenants worked together to create a registry of accurate owner contact information.

On Wednesday, February 27, 2013, the Evansville City Council unanimously passed Ordinance G-2013-3 (Amended). As part of this Ordinance, annually, all single-dwelling and/or multi-dwelling rental property owners must complete a form and submit to the Evansville City Clerk’s Office. As a part of this new amended Ordinance there is no cost to register or submit this form, however, to avoid any possible late fees, the form must be submitted each hear by November 30.

The main idea behind this Ordinance is to assist both the City of Evansville and the Evansville Police Department in contacting landlords about issues with their rental properties and tenants. While this Ordinance does effect everyone owning residential rental property within the city limits, the main cause for the Ordinance are those outside Owners who are absentee and do not choose a high quality property management firm to assist them. Many of these absentee owners never come to town to check on their properties and often times will lease to anyone just to make sure they are receiving rental income from their investment. While receiving a rent payment is important to all investors, the City of Evansville has decided making that the primary goal at the expense of the neighbors and the neighborhood must stop.

Overall the final Ordinance passed by the City Council does its best to make sure the city can continue to improve the quality of life of our neighbors as well as hold landlords responsible for their local investments.

To register a rental property, please visit: http://www.evansvillegov.org/index.aspx?page=2943